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'True Beauty' Writer Yaongyi Reveals She's a Single Mom, Opens up about the Hard Times She has Gone Through

  • 17 Feb

She raises her son alone.

On February 16th, Yaongyi made headlines as she revealed that she's a single mom. She made the announcement through her Instagram. She began, "I have a toddler who's more precious than my life. He is an existence whom I have protected more than my own life, and I'll continue to do so. The child has not been away from me for even a moment, and he's now somehow become an elementary school student. He's my motivation and the most precious thing I have. There are more days with tears than with laughter, but he gives me strength. I will protect him forever."

Image Source: Instagram '@meow91__'

The famous author also opened up about her past hard times. She shared, "The most difficult trauma in my life was counseling, taking psychiatric medication, and trying to survive in life. I was afraid that I will damage my friends, family, and others with my situation." The author remarked, "I'm always grateful to my little boy for trusting and loving me the most in the world."

Image Source: Instagram '@meow91__'

Yaongyi revealed that she has decided to share her story after a lot of people have much interest in her. She concluded, "Sometimes it's hard to raise a child alone. However, when I see his smile, all the difficulties disappear. I will live my life harder to protect him."

Image Source: Instagram '@meow91__'

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram '@meow91__'

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