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Past University Photos of Song Joongki Resurface, in Light of His Famous Character Vincenzo Cassano

  • 17 Mar

It seems like he hasn't aged much.

Thanks to his ongoing drama 'Vincenzo,' Song Joongki has attracted even more fans. The actor has become a hot topic in both social media and online communities. Netizens have been talking about the 1985-born actor, including his past. One of the popular topics of him is about how he remains young-looking even after years.

Image Source: Instiz

Recently, photos of Song Joongki from his university have been re-uploaded on the web. The photos were taken when Song Joongki was still a student at Sungkyunkwan University.  

Image Source: Instiz

To this, Netizens commented, "Wow, he still looks the same," "Why do I feel like it's only me who is getting old?" "He was so cute back then, I guess he was a popular student among female friends," and more.

Thumbnail Credit: tvN, Instiz

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