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Parents of Actor Ji Soo's Bullying Victims Share Their Side of the Story, Reveal How Severe the Bullying was

  • 22 Mar

The parents of the victims sat down for an interview.

They revealed more about the bullying case in an exclusive investigation program by MBC. According to them, the school bullying involving Ji Soo was so severe that even the school could not handle the situation.

Parents of one of the victims revealed, "The teacher once called me. He said that it would be a good idea for us to move to a different neighborhood because Ji Soo might go to the same high school/class with our son."

Image Source: MBC 

Other parents revealed that the school officers themselves were negligent bystanders at that time. They said, "Ji Soo was the 'king' of the classrooms. One time, I went to the school and I heard the principal said, 'These people have time on their hands for these matters?' and he left the room."

Image Source: MBC 

Meanwhile, Ji Soo has admitted to his past actions and officially apologized through a handwritten letter. The actor is scheduled to start his military service later in October this year.

Thumbnail Credit: The Qoo, Pann Nate

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