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BLACKPINK's Rosé Sends a Coffee Truck to Lisa's Solo Debut Music Video Filming Set

  • 23 Jul

Rosé sent a coffee truck to Lisa's solo debut MV set.

Yes, you read it right! Lisa's solo debut is happening! This was implicitly confirmed with a coffee truck BLACKPINK's Rosé sent to the set. The official Instagram account of Haeridan Coffee Truck uploaded photos of the coffee truck sent by Rosé to Lisa's solo debut music video filming set. The photos have now been taken down but BLINKs were fast enough to save the evidence and spread them all over the web.

Rosé wrote on the cupholder, "Nallalisa, Longdalisa, Lalalalisa, I love you." Nallalisa is the nickname Jisoo gave to Lisa, Longdalisa means "long-legged Lisa," and Lalalalisa refers to Lisa's Instagram username.

Image Source: Instagram '@haeridan_coffeetruck'

The side banner of the truck read, "Lisa! Eat a lot of churros and go work the cameras! Stay strong, I love you. Also, for all of the hardworking staff, please eat these churros and stay strong! Fighting! Director Seo, fighting! I miss you so much, director!!"

Image Source: Instagram '@haeridan_coffeetruck'

It seems like director "Seo" is no other than Seo Hyunseung who directed BLACKPINK's 'Boombayah' and 'Lovesick Girls,' as well as releases from 2NE1 and BIGBANG.

What a supportive friend Rosé really is! And, are you looking forward to Lisa's solo debut?

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram '@roses_are_rosie, @haeridan_coffeetruck'

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