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Former JYP Trainee KilliAN Says He was Kicked out from the Agency Because He is a Gay

  • 23 Jul

He told his story.

KilliAN (birth name: Lin Jiale) has recently sat down for an interview to talk more about his early career and his experience being trained under JYP Entertainment. KilliAN first made his debut as a child actor in Hong Kong, when he was only 8 years old.

Image Source: Instagram '@jl_killian'

KilliAN was then scouted by JYP Entertainment when he was in middle school, after the agency had found out about him through social media. He said, "I got the opportunity but my parents were opposing. I had a big fight with my family over wanting to move to Korea. Long short story, KilliAN made his way to join JYP Entertainment when he was 14 years old.

Image Source: Instagram '@jl_killian'

The former JYP trainee revealed that when he was under the agency, they were preparing to debut 2PM and 2AM. He said that he could have been one of the members, if he had not been kicked out. KilliAN said that the real reason why he had to leave is that he was caught in a gay relationship with a fellow male trainee in the agency.

Image Source: Instagram '@jl_killian'

He explained, "I'm gay but Koreans were very conservative about homosexuality at that time, so in the end, they asked me to leave because of it." KilliAN added, "This happened several years ago, but this is the first time I've opened up about the true reason for my departure."

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram '@jl_killian'

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