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Jeon Somi Had Fans Worried with Her Skinny Figure at Today's Showcase (+ Photos)

  •  2 Aug

It seems like she has lost much weight.

On August 2nd, Jeon Somi held an online showcase for her new release 'Dumb Dumb.' Somi looked all gorgeous with her effortless beauty at the event. However, fans have found out that she looks far thinner than usual—not only her body but also her face. We could barely see her usual chubby cheeks when smiling.

Not to mention, a lot of fans have now expressed worry towards her. Several of the comment read, "She has lost so much weight," "I hope she is okay although she is far more skinny now," "Somi, please be healthy always," and more.

Without further ado, check out several of Somi's photos from the showcase below!

Image Source: Dispatch

What are your thoughts? Meanwhile, you can also check out the teaser for 'Dumb Dumb' MV below! The full release will be at 6 P.M KST today.

Source: [Youtube] THEBLACKLABEL 

Thumbnail Credit: Dispatch, Instiz

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