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Former AOA Member Kwon Mina Replies to a Fan Asking Her Why She's Still on Social Media

  • 11 Aug

Kwon Mina doesn't have any plan to stop using social media.

On August 9th, Kwon Mina took to her Instagram and shared photos of her outing. In the photos, Mina is seen enjoying her free time wandering around outside and enjoying the sunny day by the river. 

Image Source: Instagram '@kvwowv'

Among thousands, one fan then left her a comment, "I thought you weren't going to be on Instagram." To this, Mina replied, "I have been realized through a lot of people around me that I don't have any reasons to (stop using social media)." The fan then wrote back, "Finally, I got a reply from you. I have been seeking attention to getting a reply from you."

Image Source: Instagram '@kvwowv'

Previously, Mina revealed that she would stop using social media to focus on her mental health recovery. Mina has been involved in a series of controversy, including her bullying controversy with former AOA bandmate Jimin and cheating controversy with ex-boyfriend Yoo Joonyoung.

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram '@kvwowv'

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