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Jeon Somi Wipes Tears While Talking about Getting IV Fluids After Her Diet

  • 11 Aug

Jeon Somi shed tears while talking about her recent comeback, 'Dumb Dumb.'

Jeon Somi guested on MBC FM4U's 'Jeon Hyosung's Dreaming Radio' to promote her recent comeback. During the broadcast, one fan sent her message, "The song is good and the performance is cool. It is perfect." To the fan's message, Somi put down her head as if she was about to cry. She eventually shed tears as she explained, "Honestly, I cry every day. I feel like crying even now. What do I do?"

Image Source: Youtube 'MBC Radio봉춘라디오' Screenshot

MC Jeon Hyosung then told her, "I think it's because you love your fans and they are complimenting you. You feel like crying and tears pour down if someone recognizes all the hard work you put into the preparations."

Somi added that she had actually gotten an IV fluid just before the radio show. However, shortly after, she assured listeners that she's all okay, "I dieted in a healthy way. I told my fans not to worry but I actually got an IV fluid. I couldn't say it because I was afraid they would worry."

As previously reported, Jeon Somi has garnered attention for her alarming, drastic weight loss. 172 cm in height, Somi currently weighs only 46kg.

Image Source: MBC FM4U

In case you have missed the radio broadcast, you can watch the replay below.

Source: [Youtube] MBC Radio봉춘라디오

Thumbnail Credit: Youtube 'MBC Radio봉춘라디오' Screenshot, Instagram '@somsomi0309'

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