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Ten Explains How It Feels Different to Be in NCT, WayV, and SuperM

  • 13 Aug

Ten said NCT and WayV members are different for him.

As a part of his 'Paint Me Naked' promotions, Ten came as a special guest on the 3rd episode of DIVE Studios' 'Get Real Season 2.' During the episode, Ten, along with MCs BTOB's Peniel, Ladies' Code's Ashley, and Junny, gave an impromptu consultation for fans about their concerns.

Image Source: Youtube 'DIVE Studios' Screenshot

One fan revealed that they feel empty because they can't actually "click" with any of their friends. They also revealed that they had tried to follow what they like and think like them, but the result was zero. To this, the MCs suggest that they don't really need to try too hard to "click" with anyone. The MCs came to the conclusion that the best thing for the fan is to be themselves.

Image Source: Youtube 'DIVE Studios' Screenshot

While answering the fan, Ten then chimed in and made himself as an example. He said, "Like with NCT, because I trained with them when I was like a little, so, even though I don't meet them for like a year, we're still friends." He continued, "It's like, best friends vibes with NCT members, and with WayV, it's just like family vibes." Then added that he often has dinner night, movie night, and more with them.

Image Source: Youtube 'DIVE Studios' Screenshot

As for SuperM members, Ten said that they feel like university friends. 

Image Source: Youtube 'DIVE Studios' Screenshot

Watch the video below to find out more!

Source: [Youtube] DIVE Studios

Thumbnail Credit: Youtube 'DIVE Studios' Screenshot

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