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TXT's Hueningkai Revals Leader Soobin Actually Sticks to Him 24/7

  • 20 Aug

"Soobin Hyung sticks to me much," said Hueningkai.

The maknae revealed it during an episode on Melon Station radio series. During the airing, the members were asked about the magic spell they would like to use to other members. As for Hueningkai, he said he would like to use it on leader Soobin.

Hueningkai explained, "Soobin Hyung sticks to me too much so I would like to put a spell on him so that he only comes to me when I call him. He's always sticking to me, I think there are some times when should be apart as well."

Image Source: Twitter '@TXT_members'

Regarding this, Soobin adorably threatened(?) Hueningkai, "If you do that, there's a chance that I won't come (even when you call me) and we'll be separated forever," causing laughter at the studio.

Thumbnail Credit: The Qoo, Twitter '@TXT_members'

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