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Actor Sung Hoon is Under Fire for His Tendency to Have 'Skinship' with Female Stars on Broadcast

  • 26 Aug

Sung Hoon has been receiving criticism from the public.

One online community post has recently pointed out the actor's "habit" to have "skinship" with female stars in front of cameras. The post includes screenshots of Sung Hoon from various programs having "skinship" with female stars.

Image Source: MBC

The writer mentioned Sung Hoon's infamous "fox behavior" towards Park Narae on 'I Live Alone.' They also brought up the latest one from Sung Hoon's Youtube content in which he matched golf player Yeji. After performing badly at the game, Sung Hoon leaned to Yeji and whispered in her ear, begging for a second chance. The writer revealed, "For your information, they met for the first time on that day."

Image Source: Youtube '@성훈의 데이투 Sunghoon Date Who?'

To this, a lot of users in the community have left negative comments for Sung Hoon online. On the other side, there're also fans who believe that there's nothing wrong with Sung Hoon's behaviour as the female stars seem all comfortable being around him. 

What do you think about this?

Thumbnail Credit: The Qoo, Youtube '@성훈의 데이투 Sunghoon Date Who?'

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