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New Fans are Surprised to Find out the Debut Story of the 'Squid Game' Actor Heo Sungtae

  • 30 Sep

It was indeed a dramatic debut story.

The 'Squid Game' actor debuted in a very unique (and brave) way. Born in 1977, Heo Sungtae debuted late at the age of 35 (Korean age). He studied Russian Language and Literature at the Busan National University. Upon his graduation, he worked for the electronic company LG with an annual salary of more than KRW 70 million (approximately USD 59,000).

Image Source: SBS

However, in 2011, Heo Sungtae decided to pursue his career as an actor by joining SBS' program 'Miraculous Audition.' Placing 5th in the show, Heo Sungtae officially debuted as an actor. His first project was the 2012 film 'Masquerade.'

In his early days, Heo Sungtae kept it humble with small roles. Slowly but sure, the actor has garnered more attention from the public thanks to his outstanding acting skills and strong presence in any of his works.

Image Source: SBS

In one past interview, Heo Sungtae revealed, "I met a lot of people when I worked as an employee of the company. I worked along with my superiors and my colleagues. Actually, I am an introverted person, so I think my experience as an employee helps me a lot to become an actor."

Regarding this, a lot of new fans who have joined the fandom since 'Squid Game' have been surprised by the behind story of Heo Sungtae's debut. Several comments read, "Wow, he took a huge risk," "If I were him, I might just work as an employee for the rest of my life," "He is so cool," and more.

Thumbnail Credit: SBS, Netflix

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