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YG Entertainment is Under Fire for Not Allowing BLACKPINK's Lisa to Attend BVLGARI's Event in Paris and Missing Playlist on Spotify

  •  6 Oct

Fans have been expressing anger towards YG Entertainment.

The issue sparked after BVLGARI CEO Jean-Christophe Babin took to her Instagram and revealed that Lisa is not attending the brand's event in Milano because of YG Entertainment. He wrote in a comment, "Lisa is in Paris but unfortunately due to COVID, her agency doesn't want her to participate in the event. Pity as we have an incredible BVLGARI event tomorrow in Milano and she won't attend."

Image Source: Instagram '@jc.babin'

It's also said that Lisa will be absent from the photoshoot with American actress-singer Zendaya and American supermodel Lily Aldridge.

Image Source: Instagram '@jc.babin'

Adding fuel to the fire, BLINKs have also found that Lisa's playlist had been "removed" from Spotify. Playlists for other BLACKPINK members, as well as other YG artists, are still available, but not Lisa's. Fans are still unsure whether these two things are related but they have been calling out YG Entertainment as the agency has yet to release any statements so far.

Hashtag #YGLetLisadoHerWork has also currently trended on Twitter now. What do you think about this? Stay tuned for updates.

Thumbnail Credit: YG Entertainment, Instagram '@lalalalisa_m'

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